we learned how politics affects every aspect of life 

There are moments that mark your life.Moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same again, and time is divided into two parts- before this and after this.This awakedness creates such a moment by providing an opportunity for me to change the way i view n believe opposition politics in our country and became stronger n confident.Over the last few years our lives had fallen into a rut.We knew nothing about movement activism in politics, worst of all our self esteem were plummeting.

We set goals as a movement that we would take part into the struggle for change for once in our lives, telling others that change is possible and victory was certain.We were finally doing something of extreme significance as a movement sucrificing ourselves wishing to be always there.Our parents saw their children work together to achieve the same goals and we even get to a point of involving them so they became part of something special Change and Change everyone was calling for Change.

We learned how politics affects every aspect of our life,only we realized that there is no better way to boost self worth by getting involved and setting and achieving our goals ‘the quest for change’

And what better way to start than with us participating for the sake of our future.As is was with the movement we are still committed to share our experience with others and showing how they can reach out and join the change train for a better tomorrow for all of us.

Some of us the maim element that kept us going since before ThisFlag movement started was the idea of knowing that this is the best opportunity to inspire others in our quest for Change…..

Aluta Continua

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